Women have a keen concern about their clothing. They always have the desire to look modern and stylish in their clothing. At the start of the summer season, women become very confused about the selection of clothes. No doubt selection of the right fabric to wear during the hot summer is difficult. In Pakistan, the summer season is very hot and long. To remain comfortable but still look trendy and stylish is depends on wearing the right clothing. 

Zaaviay is a brand that loves Pakistani people. It always offers the right collection for Pakistani people. Zaviay offers a complete range of traditional wears which include stitched, unstitched wear for women, seasonal wear, shoes, perfumes as well as much more. Zaaviay new collection brands feature a massive range of eastern wears. Zaaviay makes its collection available across Pakistan by the online store.

ZAAVIAY regularly launch its latest collection according to the need of its customers. A different variety is available in ready to wear fabric and unstitched fabric range. In summer, collections are introduced in numerous parts throughout the season. It is introducing a great variety to select from Zaaviay summer collection 2020. New designs are added to these collections. Ladies' dresses are designed in a variety of fabrics. Different embroidery works, Flora prints, plain fabrics are included in these collections.


Zaaviya invites you to engage yourself in creative zaaviay summer collection with stylish hand embroidered Clothes. Zaaviay owns praise for producing a collection of versatile designs that remains evergreen on every occasion.

Zaaviay introduces its hand-embroidered collection which is the perfect match of adding allure and fascination in casual fabric. These dresses are famous among the ladies, as they show stylish grace attire in a very hot summer. Every woman has a desire to pick one unique dress for her wardrobe. That is why zaaviay introduces hand embroidery collection to become part of your wardrobe.


The embroidery art has been established globally, it has been found in early times also. From downstream to upstream there are no changes in techniques or materials in embroidery development. Embroidery always become famous for a few craftsmen and few famous techniques. Zaaviay’ workers use very fine material for embroidery. Zaaviay knows its thread lover customers. these customers are very sensitive to fashion designs. Therefore zaaviya always here to give complete satisfaction to such customers. In this summer collection different thread work offers by Zaaviay which includes Kora dabka, rasham, zari, gota work.


In the primitive Islamic world, embroidery was an important art. In the Muslim world, embroidery becomes the symbol of high social status for centuries. When we move back to the history embroidery was seen on flags footwears, covers, calligraphy, horse frills, and leather accessories. Mughal focused on embroidery stuff. In the Mughal period patterns of embroidery fabrics are Ari ,Gota Kohra, nakshi, chikhan were very rich.

Zaaviay creates many masterpieces of craftsmanship in fabrics. Zaaviay workers create unique figures and patterns, loops, and many different styles which now become very rare.


By the industrial revolution, machine embroidery is developed and it is produced in rich quantity. But in the last few years, hand embroidery becomes very popular in fashion. Recent hand embroidery is specified by a more generous approach. It not only consists of cross-stitching. Now stitches are combined in different ways to create different designs. Zaaviay is the only name that complete your attire range In this zaaviay hand embroidery collection for summer is unique in its worth. This collection has a variety of Kora dabka, rasham, zari, and gota work which style you on your occasions.


Zaaviay is the perfect place for trendy and stylish customers. Zaaviay doesn’t give you a hard time for selection. It always introduces emerging trends because it is always active with the trend. Zaaviay always offers value for your money. It always satisfies customer satisfaction. That is why Zaaviay worker work hard to give you the best value for the latest embroidery collection


Embroidery is the craft that involves needle and thread in its making process. Different materials are also used to enhance its design. These materials may include metals, beads, Pearls, strips, etc. Zaaviay always wishes to provide variety to its dear customers. Its workers work hard to focus on the latest trends in the market place. In this hand embroider summer collection different patterns and knots of embroidery are created in the latest way. This collection has Kora dabka, rasham, zari, gota work which fascinate its buyers.

Why Aaina Collection

Why Zaaviay introduces Hand Embroidery Aaina collection for ladies in this summer. Zaaviay knows that embroidery is a very difficult thing to do. To be successful in embroidery design, there must be focuses on attentiveness is required. Very high concentration is needed for this art to do. Different processes are used in this art. To décor, a fabric with embroidery art is a very sensitive part of the clothing. By selecting this embroidery collection you agree that Zaaviay mastered its art. It offers perfect artwork to its customers. So rush to the Zaaviay online store to choose the masterpiece of Zaaviaay collection for your wardrobe.