Buy Online Premium Silk Pret for eid festival from URAAN & Arzish Collection by zaaviay.

This year Zaaviay brings you the best Pakistani women clothing online. Zaaviay understands their customer’s problems in these troubled times. Everyone is stuck in their homes unable to go out and enjoy their daily life due to the pandemic but shopping has made easy for women thanks to Zaaviay. Zaaviay brings you Uraan and Arzish collection that you can order online. These collections contain masterpieces that set an example for all hand-embroidered women suits. These elegant designs and comfortable fabric can suit everyone’s taste.

This Eid buy the best silk and cotton salwar kameez. The wide range of options will please your eyes and satisfy your soul.

Premium Pret Uraan and Arzish Collection by Zaaviay

Zaaviay Uraan and Arzish series contain different designs that represent the culture of Pakistan and preserve the art of embroidery with hand. Kashmiri pattern embroidery, phulkari pattern embroidery, chikan pattern embroidery, embroidery or crewing, crochet, the thread is drawn needlecraft and others are the cases of hand-embroidered dresses and silk garment styles provided by Zaaviay’s Collections. Any sort of needlework is indicative of exceptional beauty and ingenuity. It's a beautiful art that needs skills and experience, rather than measuring the individual embroidery’s importance. For eg, chikan embroidery refers to the word used for the white thread on a needlework cloth.

In Pakistan and other nations, the ongoing trend for hand-embroidery is diminishing as technology becomes more advanced but Zaaviay promotes this handcraftsmanship, creating a sort of great art that is attracting popularity in the fashion world every day. Zaaviay's goal is to conserve and link this legacy of hand-craftsmanship to the origins of the art.

Uraan and Arzish are targeted at luring Pakistani women and satisfying their need for embroidered dress designs made of silk or cotton. Zaaviay integrates many styles to fit customer fashion specifications into their clothing. Zaaviay believes in building a long-term relationship with its clients, as it describes the core beliefs and values of the company in its work. The customized customer service offered by Zaaviay offers Pakistani women a positive influence on their preferences and aspirations, with a keen sense of fashion and an eye for design.

Hand embroidered suits for Eid by Zaaviay

Zaaviay's Eid and summer collections Uraan and Arzish are comprised of several ready-to-wear dresses. All of the embroidered fabric designs are hand-embroidered and made of silk and cotton. Every single piece is made with precision and accuracy. Every person working on these clothing’s have years of experience and they know what they are doing. It is this drive for success that motivates Zaaviay to overdo themselves. Each Zaaviay season comes in with something new to add new trends and designs for its customers and Eid is no diffrent. Uraan and Arzish ready to wear Pakistani dresses are available online, and can be customized to the preference of anyone.

These clothing lines have plenty of fashionable model silk dresses, as well as casual ones. Zaaviay understands that theses dresses are about feeling at ease and looking elegant at the same time. Zaaviay not only fulfills its goals but also overpowers them by the comfort of the garments as the stitching complements the silk fabrics high quality. Because of Zaaviay’s work ethics their customer's understand the value of their product.

The overall standard of the garments for a new product by Zaaviay is very constant and these Eid collections are no exception to that. Zaaviay stands for the love and care Paksitani fashion and clothing. At a deeper level they cater to their customer as they are always looking for new innovations that their customer would love to wear. Understanding the importance of craftsmanship, customers are spending their money on this clothing line to preserving the almost obsolete tradition of hand-embroidery.

Bridal Wedding Dresses by Zaaviay

Zaaviay is an all-rounder fashion brand. This means that it can provide traditional clothing for every Pakistani function including weddings. Zaaviay knows that a beautiful wedding dress is every woman’s dream. Zaaviay does their utmost best to deliver everything they have with perfection to provide joy and happiness the bride through their bridal dress. These luxurious dress make the person wearing them feel like royalty. Hand-embroidered bridal dresses are even more valuable and Zaaviay does this the best.

In these troubled times, it is very difficult to go shopping for bridal dresses so Zaaviay provides extravagant bridal dresses to buy online. People are always up for shopping online these days because it safe and is not time consuming and one can get several choices when buying. The best bridal dresses are just one click away to buy. Online shop by Zaaviay is open, where anyone can buy beautifully designed designer clothes. Zaaviay ready-made shalwar kameez makes a simple feel for customer. They have fashionable dresses hand-embroidered suits so that the client does not have to waste hours with a professional tailor. The variety that this company provides is overwhelming for customers, and they tend to devote their time and money to Zaaviay because of their performance and execution.