How to dress up on Eid Festival like a bride by wearing the premium collection?

From time to time Zaaviay has proven to be the best clothing brand for all your occasions. This Eid, Zaaviay brings you the best outfits that are premium quality and eye-pleasing. Zaaviay's eid collection is an outstanding line of Zaaviay of imported pure raw silk fit for lavish pret wearing. With the utmost flexibility, vivid colors, and just the handpicked silk textiles, this series focuses on feeling like royalty. Their signature screen is colored and embellished dupattas and combines impressive and nuanced shirts with a hand-stick. Zaaviay's eid dresses is among the finest collections ever seen in Pakistan, with every bit of its personality.

The purpose of this collection is to please women in Pakistan and satisfy their increasing trend towards dresses with embroidered designs made of silk. The collection has enormous styles so it meets the customer’s dress needs. Zaaviay works towards developing the long-lasting relationship with its customers as this determines the core values and principles of the brand. Zaaviay's consumer service delivers to Pakistani women a encouraging impact on their sense of desires and taste, with a piercing sense of fashion and design.

What makes Zaaviay's Eid Collection Different?

Zaaviay's range contains ready to wear dresses. All these dresses are made from silk and embroidered with hand. Every piece is made precisely and with accuracy. Experts who have years of experience, make these Pakistani eid dresses for girls .

Each season at Zaaviay arrives with new designs and trends for the customers. These Pakistani ready to wear dresses are available online and are adapted to style of everyone.

Can you buy Eid Dresses by Zaaviay Online?

Consumers are still up for shopping online today, given the circumstances these days, as it does not take much time to order with multiple design options. The advancement of ecommerce and the internet has made it easy. From Zaaviay's online store everyone can purchase beautifully designer clothes.

Zaaviay ready-made clothing makes consumers feel comfortable. They have trendy hand-embroidered dresses for the customer to avoid time spent on a personal tailor. The range offered by the brand is intimidating for the customers, and being successful, Zaaviay keeps spending the resources and time in creating and inovating new designs.

Why pick Zaaviay for your Pakistani wedding dresses?

The Zaaviay’s line of bridal elegant premium pret is made of imported pure raw silk. This collection focuses on the royal theme with the best craftsmanship, beautiful colors, and only the premium silk fabrics having beautiful yet complicated hand-stiched shirts, printed and embroidered with hand shirts made of silk with their trademark signature. The eid ul fitr 2020 dresses is the most luxurious collections ever displayed in 2020.

The eid collection includes several fashionable silk suits, along with casual suits. Zaaviay knows that clothing is really about feeling comfortable while looking good. Zaaviay as a brand not only prospers in achieving its goals but also overpowers them by durability of the garments since the stitching matches the highest quality silk fabric.

In this eid collection, the high quality of the fabric is very persistent. Zaaviay positions for the care, love & expertise that blends into making these dresses. On a profound level, it is related to their customer since they are looking for the fresh and trendy ideas that the customer would love to wear. Customers value handcrafted art and purchase this esteemed collection of fabric and it preserves the almost lost craft of hand embroidery.

Hand Embroidery Suits on Eid 

With the ongoing technological development in Pakistan, it is now very common by major brands to produce embroidered garments on massive scale. These clothes can be very convenient and attractive, but they are unmatchable to hand-embroidered garments. Hand-embroidery is the craft that is in practice only by a few professionals. Because of the expertise and hard work that is required in manufacturing these fabrics, the hand-embroidered clothing is more valued than the machine crafted ones. This procedure is extremely labor-intensive and time-consuming but very effective.

This lasting tendency towards hand embroidery is still successful in Pakistan & other nations and has created a great art that gets appreciation in the world of fashion every day. Zaaviay's utmost goal is to sustain this legacy of this hand-craftsmanship and create it’s link to the origins of art.

Zaaviay’s eid dress design includes a number of styles, being used on every day wear silk dresses. Phulkari embroidery, Kashmiri embroidery, chikan embroidery, or creweling, crochet, thread drawn needlework are all the best examples of hand-embroidered silk dress and garments styles. Every type of needlework reflects extraordinary creativity and elegance. It's a beautiful piece of art that requires experience and expertise in order to measure the individual embroidery’s worth.