Embroidered Pret Suits & Shirts for Women in Pakistan

Embroidered Pret Suits designs

With the continuous development of technology in Pakistan, it is very popular to mass-produce embroidered garments from major brands. It is not labor-intensive and cost-effective, rendering it very valuable to the buyer and sellers. Such clothing may be really attractive and convenient, but they are not comparable to hand-broken garments. Hand Embroidered is a craft and this practice can only be done by a few handfuls of professional men. Because of the hard work and expertise that goes into producing such garments, hand embroidered apparel is more appreciated than machine crafted apparel. This process is extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive but very effective. Hand embroidery is also connected with the garment production past and giving it sentimental value.

The enduring trend for hand embroidery is still alive in Pakistan and other countries and has produced a sort of great art that gets recognition in the fashion world every day. Zaaviay's goal is to maintain this heritage of hand-craftsmanship and to link to the origins of this art.

Zaaviay Uraan collection contains various designs that are used on daily worn garments and silk dresses. Kashmiri embroidery, phulkari embroidery, chikan embroidery, embroidery or creweling, crochet, thread is drawn needlework and more are all examples of hand-embroidered clothing and silk dress designs. Every type of needlework reflects extraordinary creativity and complexity. It's a beautiful craft that requires expertise and knowledge than measuring the person embroidery's worth. For eg, chikan embroidery is the word used for the use of the white thread on needlework cloth.

Ready to wear Hand Embroidered Pakistani dresses

Zaaviay's Uraan line comprises of many ready to wear suits. All the garments are embroidered by hand and crafted from linen. Every piece is produced carefully and with precision. All the Pakistani dresses fit for wear are made by experts who have years of expertise with what they do. Engaging such passion for excellence is what drives Zaaviay to outdo itself. Through Zaaviay season arrives with something new to have different trends and designs for its customers. Uraan ready to wear Pakistani dresses is accessible online and can be changed to the liking of anyone.

People are always excited about online shopping nowadays because it doesn't take up their time and when ordering, one can get multiple options. The Web made this all possible for us. Zaaviay's online store is open, from where anyone can buy perfectly made designer clothes. Zaaviay ready-made clothing helps customers feel easy. They have hand-embroidered trendy dresses so that the consumer will not have to spend time with a personal tailor. The diversity this company offers is daunting for consumers and because of their success and execution, they keep on spending their time and money in Zaaviay.

Hand Embroidered Prefor Pakistani women

Uraan is an excellent line from Zaaviay, with imported pure raw silk ready to wear lavish pret. With the utmost flexibility, vivid colors and only the handpicked silk textiles, this series focuses on looking like royalty. Their signature screen is printed and embellished dupattas and incorporates amazing yet complex shirts with a hand-stick. Uraan is among the finest collections ever seen in Pakistan, with every piece of its personality.

Uraan is aimed at satisfying Pakistani women and meeting their love for embroidered dress designs crafted from silk. The collection has several designs so it can satisfy the customer's fashion needs. Zaaviay believes in developing a long-term partnership with its consumers as it determines the solid principles and beliefs of the company in its operation. Zaaviay's comprehensive consumer service offers Pakistani women a positive influence on their tastes and ambitions, with a sharp sense of design and an eye for quality.

Hand Embroidered Shirts for women by Zaaviay

Uraan is a stylish Zaaviay line of pure natural silk manufactured ready to wear premium pret. This range reflects on the theme of royalty with the finest craftsmanship, exquisite shades, and just the luxury silk fabrics – with elegant and difficult hand-stick shirts and designed and hand-embroidered silk shirts with their hallmark signature. Uraan is one of the most sumptuous collections ever seen in the year 2020, with each item having its personality. The holder promises with a fantastic company that all the potential engagement activities on the calendar will be a prodigious update.

Uraan has many fashionable women's silk tops, as well as casual ones. Zaaviay understands that apparel is just about feeling confident when looking fine. Zaaviay not only succeeds in meeting their objectives but also overcomes them by the longevity of garments as the stitching complements the high quality of the silk textile. When creating the ideal outfit nothing is paid despite Zaaviay properties the pleasure of their consumer for saving a few bucks.

In a new line, the high standard of the garments is very constant and Uraan is no exception to this. Zaaviay stands for the love, care and expertise which goes into making each outfit. On a deeper level they relate to their consumer because they are constantly finding new inspiration that their customer would want to carry. Customers know the value of hand crafted crafts and thus invest their money in this line of clothing and it retains the almost forgotten tradition of hand crafted embroidery.­­­