“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” Marilyn Monroe sure knew her stuff, and we agree; a woman can feel confident while looking absolutely gorgeous in a pair of startling shoes. They say you can judge a person’s personality by their shoe and to some extent that is true because the way you dress and maintain yourself shows how neat and serious you are about yourself. The first impression is the last impression, so why not make the first impression the greatest one?

However, to give your best impression you must have the right comfortable sandals which are as good looking as their comfort and to help you give your best impression you can put your trust in Zaaviay. This brand is a fashion pioneer that produces the best and finest shoes that can be worn by the feet of Pakistani women.

With wedding season is staring us right in the face, provoking us to show people our inner fashion maniac. With such a big responsibility to provide the best products to help you express yourself through your clothes. As well as amazing clothing, this brand, crafts the most unique and startling Wedding Shoes for Women.

This article will show the shoe world of Zaaviay and how much love and care they put into their art to produce the best quality clothing and shoes so that their customers can be satisfied.

Types of shoes made by us


Whether you’re going party or the office, get astonishing appealing looks with our newest set of women's sandals. From day to night, wear your favorite style of sandals from our women's sandals collection on the gladiator, leather, suede, and designs of metal and glimmering slides. Go easy on your wallet and hard on your fashion desires and find the perfect pair to match your own look. Flat Sandals are the perfect partner for any outfit because they are easy to wear and take off without being a hassle in any sort of way.

White Zircon           

This White Zircon Shoes made by our brand is the perfect shoe for a wedding or party as it’s a metallic gladiator sandal, decorated with shimmering stones. The elegance and beauty of the sandal give the feel of a disco ball that compliments the party vibe you are going for. This will go great with a suit that contains silver embroidery and embellishments.

In addition, the covered back gives support to your ankles and the flat sole gives stability while walking so you can say goodbye to the pain in your feet after a long party.

Red Jasper


This Red Jasper Sandal fits perfectly into your wardrobe. Just put some red lipstick on and pair it with this sandal to give a bold statement. Unlike the White Zircon, these sandals have an open back with low profile straps. The alluring red colors will drop eyes onto your feet and the open back is ideal to show off your astonishing ankles.

Brown Crystal

Leather in a shoe may be the most common material because it is durable and comfortable. The elegance and strength of Brown Crystal leather are unbeatable. The crystal stones on the Strappy Sandal go well together. The floral pattern created by the stones compliments the floral suits that are so common in Pakistan.

Brown Crystal

The extensive use of crystals on clothing makes the shoes easy to match and the brown color of the straps keeps a low profile and keeps the focus on the gemstones.


White Spinel

These metallic White Spinel Heels are for those who want to state show how good their fashion sense is. This heel is the best match for your wedding outfit so you can show the world your hidden diva.

White Spinel

In addition, the handcrafted brooch ornamented with stones gives it even a more royal feel compared to normal Wedding Sandals.

When wearing high heels, we bet you never considered that they would carry health benefits and make your legs incredible. But they can really do it and when using flats they can give your feet a break from the height however, they don't have all the health benefits of high heels. These can be physical as well as mental.

Slide Ons

Slide On Shoes like ours are made for comfort. One step from your slippers. Wear these slide-on shoes with the devotion of foot comfort and the result is nothing short of a feeling of relaxation on your feet! They are easy to move in and comfortable as well as lavish.



This open and Wide Fit Sandal is a red hue color with a satin material adorned with diamantes. The easy to wear functionality is ideal for casual and semi-formal events.

Brown Opal

Brown Opal

A casual and brilliant slide with stone flower ornaments. Brown Opal goes well with skin-colored and can match most outfits in your wardrobe.