Pakistani weddings are enormous and can last for several days. Planning a wedding can start years before the wedding date. One of the biggest days in a Pakistani woman’s life is her wedding so she does her best to make it a memorable day. Most likely, the most important thing for the bride is her dress as a bridal dress is nothing less than a royal dress as it is decorated with remarkable embroidery and handwork. As the style of these dresses are very different from a normal dress because the dress is customized to the size of the bride so it fits perfectly. Therefore, the detail given to personal fitting, makes bridal dresses special as compared to normal dresses. Best bridal Pakistani brands treat their customers with bridal collections yearly to fulfill their need for bridal dresses.

Some dresses even contain precious metals and gems to give it a premium feel as brands charge a large amount of money for their bridal dresses. Bridal dresses have become a luxury status as each bridal dress is unique and designers charge millions to make custom wedding dresses on demand. Even though wedding dresses are worn for just a day, the dress is kept as a memento of the wedding to remind a couple of how grand their wedding was. It is preserved as an artifact that symbolizes the love and happiness exchanged by the couple. Creating a wedding dress is an art that is highly in demand in Pakistan because people understand the value of bridal dresses.

Latest bridal dresses and trends in Pakistan 2020-2021

Zaaviay is a renowned brand among top bridal designers in Pakistan fashion industry. Their expertise in the bridal fashion world is reflected in their products moreoverZaaviay’sbridal attires consist of various styles at affordable prices. Working with the classic color theme, they add their innovative touch to their bridal collection while being connected to the classic routes.

Zaaviay’s Bridal Collection

Here are some exquisite attires from their bridal assortment:


The shirt in Katsuri is short, as it exists in a lime green color that has premium craftsmanship containing glamorous Zardoze and Resham embroidery. Purple, turquoise and maroon colored handwork are paired with a turquoise lace gota on the shirt. Similarly, the top is harmonized with a fancy BanarsiGharara, covered with complex designs of embroidery.

Moreover, the suit comes with a complimentary dupatta made with silk that is paired with the elegance of purple and red gota lace along with lime green paltawa cloth tassels besides the borders similar ti other affordable Pakistani bridal dresses listed below. In addition to that, this outfit goes splendidly with the chattapatti pouch that has gota lace and twine with a tassel at the end.


This is a ruby red attire which is a perfect combination of traditional and modern elements. Above all, the assembly of these elements provides a stunning look that is rooted by the gold embroidery with kora, dabka, and ari, as the components work together to provide a royal and majestic feel which gives the outfit a massive character. The dupatta and shirt are ornamented with designs on the borders coordinated with kingri lace and gold fabric.

The sleeves are adapted with chan and striking borders. The outfit comes along with a bell-bottom pant that adds a modern feel to the traditional shirt. The dupatta has chan and gota work which has the same theme that coordinates well with the gold and red color theme. Lastly, the outfit can be paired with a customizable pouch if desired.


this Pakistani bridal wear is a rust-colored outfit that is a magnificent assembly with kalidaar patterns which adds to the royal feel. Gemstones, aari, and zardozi and artistic value as they increase the aesthetics of the attire.

Similarly, the sleeves and necklines of the shirt are ornamented with jewelry designs as well. Also, the shirt is paired with a net fabric frock that is in the theme with the frock. Blue and cherry pink colors of the banarsi silk dupatta, go well with the embroidered tassels on the neckline and the rust color of the shirt along with the frock, increases the overall look of the outfit.


A classic white banrarsi silk shirt consisting of striking embroidery as the edges of the shirt is given a Mughal design along with detailed zardoze work. Matching net dupatta is part of the suit which goes well with the complex Mughal design of the embroidered shirt. In addition to this, a churidar pajama adds to the perfect finished look and helps to enhance the overall outfit. Similar to other dresses by Zaaviay, this dress can also be paired with a customized pouch which is added on special order.


All the above-mentioned suits are bridal dresses with prices in Lahore and are available on the online Zaaviay store. These are just a few examples of the enormous amount of suits that this brand has to offer and above all, the online shopping experience provided by them will be a premium experience and provide you with your favorite outfit by Zaaviay.