Pakistani Weddings are one of the most religiously followed traditions know to us in Pakistan. Bright colors, lavishly designed themes, coordinated entrances, and celebration of families coming together are just a small part of these weddings. However, real preparation for a wedding is done by the bride in choosing the perfect dress for her. It’s every Pakistani women’s dream to look her best and the most beautiful she can at weddings Weather their wedding outfit budget is low or high they always try to get the greatest wedding dress they can within their budget.

Pakistani Wedding Dresses are one of the most complex and over-the-top pieces of clothing made for women around the world. People all around the world envy our wedding dresses and see the true culture and art expressed on these pieces of cloth. Throughout history, the trends keep changing but the true trendsetters were the Mughals. Even today we take inspiration from their refined artistry and implement them in our clothing.

Many brands try their best to create an amazing outfit, however, many haven’t even have come close to what Zaaviay is capable of. Our brand applies modern designs on traditional styled Pakistani Bridal Dresses for walima and other wedding events. The cuts, hand-embroidery and appealing colors work in complete harmony to make extravagant outfits.

Mere neher sy collection by Zaaviay

This brand is an all rounding brand that provides the most kind of Pakistani clothing you can buy online. Expensive but luxurious; affordable but stunning clothing are just a few words that can easily describe what this brand is. Everyone can find a dress of their type on their online store. However, we are here to talk about Winter Dresses for Women they can wear at any wedding event.

When it comes to lavish clothing, our brand is very experienced and understand what the people desire and what moves them. Creating outfits that more of an art piece than the clothing you wear. Their skilled labor allows them to create the most intricate and gorgeous handwork known to Pakistani women. The extravagant outfits leave people in awe as you will soon see for yourself just how these dresses are more than just pieces of clothing. 

Gal Mithi Mithi

Don’t we all love people who sweet talk? The name Gal Mithi Mithi represents the pleasing red color that attracts everyone’s eyes. In a way, the dress sweet talks to the people who look at it by leaving an everlasting impression. The dress is a complete package that is available at our online store for Women's Dresses for special occasions. It’s a red three piece suit that is ready to wear as soon as it is delivered to your doorstep.

 A short semi-oval collar shirt with beaded buttons and golden loops present a sleek and refined look. Net fabric dark red sleeves, embroidered with floral and plant hand-embroidery represent nature’s grace. The sleeves are finished with upside-down multiple arches of golden color that add even more elegance. The shirt is a raw silk fabric with booti chan decoration followed by a net dupatta with embroidered lace on the border sold with a plain red raw silk pant. The red and golden theme with raw silk fabric makes this dress the perfect Luxury Wedding Dresses.

Rang Rasiya

Rang Rasiya means ‘Color of Passion’. Purple is the most elegant color in the color spectrum, when added onto raw silk fabric, the real beauty of purple comes out. Rang Rasiya is a purple ready-to-wear three-piece outfit made with raw silk fabric along with angrakha as well as complex hand-embroidery, shiny gold tilla, gotta, dabka and resham work. Navy blue and gold screen-printed border finish the shirt.

What makes this shirt unique is the v neck collar and the different border implementation from top to bottom. Nature-inspired embroidery on the shirt contains birds and plants. The three piece suit contains a net dupatta with golden arches at the bottom and golden scallops. All of these components combined to make this outfit a very good option to buy from the Ready Made Dresses collection from this brand.

Kala Sha Kala

This word directly translates to black absolute black, meaning it is completely 100% black. This outfit makes you look like the lady of the night. Kala Sha Kala is a three-piece black net dress that is ready to wear, beautifully embellished with a silver and gold kora dabka. The shirt is heavily decorated with hand-stitched ornaments from the collar to the chest area make a truly premium outfit. If you thought the chest area was heavily decorated then surely the heavily decorated dupatta will leave you astonished as the weight speaks for itself. The patterns on the net shirt, dupatta and sleeves display beautiful symmetry and give the outfit a royal feel. To complete the outfit, raw silk trousers are added with the outfit.

Mehendi ki Raat

Mehendiki Raat is an apple green ready to wear three-piece hand-embroidered raw silk dress. Along with handcrafted blue and magenta appliqué, kora, dabka and resham work of floral decoration. It is coupled with the blue, magenta, and lace finishes of raw silk and lime-green net dupatta. Last but not least an apple green raw silk tulip pant binds all the outfits together. The apple green color combined with magenta and blue hues makes it a perfect Mehndi Dress for Bride.

Boohey Barian

Skip through all the doors, windows and walls for this heart-winning Boohey Barian is a three piece rose blush pishwas ready wear outfit. This is a long decorated frock is embellished with banarsi and silver handworks on the chest and deep rose sleeve areaas well with cutwork and a gold lace finish on the daman. The outfit has a matching churidar and dupatta, with a deep pink and blue banarsi finish. Look as elegant as a flamingo, be like the majestic bird and stand tall while wearing this eye-pleasing pink Ready Made Dresses.

Genda Phool

Orange is the most exciting, enthusiasm-filled and warmest color in the color spectrum. It reflects the beauty of a sunset and produces dopamine in your brain. Genda Phool is a three-piece calidar orange net with handwork and amazing designs inspired by nature as Genda is a flower commonly found in Pakistan.

The addition of magenta and green colors on the sleeves, chest embroidery and dupatta along with nature-inspired designs bring the outfit together. To add more flare into the outfit, it is paired with a screen printed izaar with net borders and green and magenta, and a net dupatta with banarsi finishes.

Makhna ve Makhna

Makhna ve Makhna is a three piece straight dress in fawn tissue net that is part of our Luxury Brand Clothes­­­­. Aari and Zardozi work on the front in gold and copper adds a sophisticated fashion while our trademark screen print is used for sleeve borders. It has matching gold straight banarsi pants and tissue net dupatta of the same color with channel and matching blue panel finishes.


Shadmani is prepared to wear a clothed net saari, lined with decorations. Added to this, handmade red applied work of kora and dabka on a luxurious, personalized raw silk blouse. The outfit is followed by all dark blue banars.

Balle Balle

''Balley Balley'' ready to rock three dresses with pink-orange colors. Complex shirt and salwar in gold stitching, combined with flat chan dupatta and banarsi off-white paltawa make this dresses one of our luxurious Pakistani Formal Dresses.

Kasni Dupatte Waliye

Kasni Dopatte Waliye, ready to wear three pieces of a beige shirt with detailed floral body embroidery, and geometrical cuff in an appealing color. Combined with a fitting dhaka pajama and lace finish and a purple and magenta applique dress with lace finish.

Laung Da Laskhkara

'Laung Da Laskhkara' is a ready-made piece of raw silk dress featuring a nuanced, hand-cutting silhouette with contemporary slit sleeves on sleeves and border finishing with mauve banarsi and slim-green organza. It is teamed with straight pants and pink blushed banaries-like chan net dupatta.

Haryali Bano

Haryali Bano is a straight dress that is ready to wear a green organza dress. The handmade applique work is done with kora, dabka and sequins working on the front and back of the dress. Moreover, a banarsi dhaka pajama with gloss finishing and organza dupatta with a beautiful rust banarsi styled dupatta.

Gallan Gooriyan

''Gallan Gooreiyan" is another three-piece suit that is ready to wear. The panels of the front are decorated with copper masyuri, and complex floral embroidery. The banarsi calidar purple hues are brought by the pant along with a banarsi maroon dupatta and maroon border and copper finishing.

Dhol Baaje

Dhol Baaje is a trendy dress that is sure to turn a few heads in your direction. It consists of a net frock of rust color on the body and sleeves added with a flary banarsi lehenga. The lehenga is embroidered in zardozi, katdana and sitara work. The appearance is enhanced by a net brown dupatta, adorned with channel, lace and banarsi finish. If you are looking for Pakistani Engagement Dresses then this outfit may be the one you’re looking for.

Why Buy from Mere Neher Sy collection?

Unlike collections from other brands, this collection is a remarkable combination of colors, skill and style. Each dress is named after a famous, well-known song that we all have listened to and loved. The dresses represent emotions and feelings we feel when listing to these songs, through a tangible medium.

As explained above, these are some of the finest three piece suits made by Zaaviay. They are a complete package in which you don’t need much adjustment to make a fashionable outfit. Just click ‘Add To Cart” and order these Pakistani Designer Dresses to enjoy a hassle-free wedding experience with these trendy designs.

This brand knows the worth of hand-craftsmanship, which is the reason why they present the best designs that are hand-embroidered. These dresses shine bright at all occasions, Mehndi, Sagai, Shadi, you name it.

For people who love wearing something unique and stylish, this collection is the best option as it provides such fine products with easy buying. These clothing redefine the online buying experience and offer something different to the fashion lovers of Pakistan. With so many ready to wear dresses under its creation, it’s easy enough to call Zaaviay one of the best Pakistani Ready To Wear Brands.