Your wardrobe may be filled with countless amount of shirts and kurtis but it may be lacking in dupattas and Pants for Women. It’s time to up your pant and dupatta game. But how? With a pandemic going on, everyone is avoiding to go out and buy even the fundamental things. So how can you buy the best Pakistani pajamas and dupattas from the comfort of your home? Well, the answer is pretty simple, just get on your browser and start browsing through Zaaviay’s online store.

Find the finest Pakistani pants and add them to your cart so you can match your favorite kurtis with the most stylish counterparts. Each and every clothing provided by this brand is made flawlessly to give their customer their money’s worth. High-quality and highly fashionable pants with their Designer Dupatta Collection will easily fit into anyone’s wardrobe and add that finesse to their outfit.

Down below you will find a few examples of the master craftsmanship displayed by this brand. This will give you an insight into the trendy and elegant products available on their Pakistani clothing online store.

Pants by Zaaviay

Pink Banarsi Culottes

This pink and golden Pink Banarsi Cullotes Pant contains a balance of modern and traditional. The golden pattern on a pink base gives off different colors according to the light. Pink is a common color and is very easy to match when comes to party wear, so you will have no issue when making outfits. Be creative and add you’re your personality and other Winter Accessories for Women to create the best and the most amazing outfit to leave everyone in awe. Wear these culottes for a wedding or party to show people your attention to detail.

Black Velvet Pants

Black Velvet Pants is the king of winter fabrics. With the expertise of Zaaviay, this exquisite fabric is truly presented at its best. Sometimes, black never need anything else. The simple nature of this velvet pant makes it easy to match with any black velvet outfit, as it won’t attract attention away from your shirt or dupatta but add to the theme. Along with a black shirt, it can go well with other colors, so think outside the box and be imaginative.

Long Churidar Zircon Pant

Need a quick and easy outfit? Then the best partner to your Pakistani kurti is this Black Zircon Churidar Pant makes life easier for you. Just grab any shirt that goes well with black and create an easy outfit. Don’t forget to pair your outfit with our lavish dupattas to add that extra flair to your outfits.

Sunsitara Raw Silk Izaar

Sunsitara Raw Silk Izaar is the most royal fabric and with the skillful hand-embroidery at the bottom. These pants are perfect for weddings and bridal outfits as the royal handwork will give the outfit a premium look. Silk and hand-embroidery will give an astonishing and jaw-dropping outfit.

Sahara Tulip Shalwar

This uniquely styled Sahara Tulip Shalwar, maroon shalwar is decorated with golden lace. The V cut is will grab people’s attention down to your feet. This way you can show off your shoes and add more beauty to your whole outfit. Pair it with our beige shirts and net dupattas to make the best outfit in your wardrobe.

Dupattas By Zaaviay

Zevar Chiffon Dupatta

The deep-sea blue colored chiffon Zevar Chiffon Dupatta fabric with maroon borders along with embroidered dots represent a starry seashore sky. This creative and heartwarming color will match perfectly with a maroon or blue outfit. The quality of the fabric will not let you ever take this Pakistani Designer Dupatta off. Don’t forget to match it with our Zevar Raw Silk Pant to make the best fit possible

Gul Dupatta

This chiffon turquoise Gul Dupatta with hand adornments and lace finish adds pizazz to your outfits. If you are looking for something different to uniqueness to your wardrobe then this dupatta is for you.

Sahara Silk Organza Dupatta

Net Sahara Silk Organza Dupatta khaddi with chan and banarsi with green lace. This dupatta will make the perfect outfit for all occasions. No matter where you go, it will surely turn heads as it will let everyone know what a fashion enthusiast you actually are.

Kohinoor Chiffon Net Dupatta

This black Kohinoor Chiffon Dupatta is decorated with a golden lace finish. The unmatchable combination of black and gold gives this dupatta an elegant look. No matter what sort of style preference you have but we are sure that this dupatta will fit easily into your selective wardrobe.

Chandbali Organza Dupatta

Golden silk tissue Chandbali Organza Dupatta with silver lace and bird tassels make this the most elegant dupatta of the collection. The golden color is a sign of wealth and rarity, with this theme it can easily become a dupatta for lehenga. So don’t worry about finding an expensive dupatta when you can buy this affordable yet lavish dupatta.