Buy Online Premium ready to wear eid dresses from URAAN & Arzish Collection.

Zaaviay’s Pakistani Eid Clothes Collection 2020 

Zaaviay is a well-known brand in Pakistan that sells Pakistani dresses online. With Eid right around the corner, Zaaviay will provide you with a great range of products that will guarantee turn heads where ever you go. Zaaviay provides hand-embroidered clothing for women that is high quality and comfort. Their Uraan and Arzish collection contains clothing suitable for everyone’s taste.

With the continuous technological advancement in Pakistan, the mass-production of embroidered garments manufactured by the major brands is very popular. It is not labor-intensive and cost-effective, making it very valuable to the buyer and seller. Such clothes may be very desirable and convenient, but they are not comparable to hand-embroidered clothing. Hand-embroidery is an art and only a few handfuls of skilled people can practice this craft. Hand-embroidered apparel is more valued than machine-crafted clothes because of the hard work and experience that goes into the making of these garments. This approach is extremely labor-intensive and time-consuming but still successful.

Uraan is an excellent Zaaviay Eid Collection 2020 set, with imported pure raw silk ready to wear lavish pret. This series focuses on feeling like royalty, with the greatest versatility, bright colors, and only the handpicked silk textiles. Their signature panel is decorated and embellished dupattas and blends a hand-stick with elegant yet intricate tops. Uraan, with every bit of its personality, is among the best collections ever seen in Pakistan.

People are always up for shopping online today because it does not take up their time and one can get several choices when buying. The Internet made all of that possible for us. Online shop Zaaviay is open, where anyone can buy beautifully designed designer clothes. Zaaviay ready-made apparel makes a simple feel for consumers. We have fashionable dresses hand-embroidered so that the client does not have to waste hours with a professional tailor. The variety that this company provides is overwhelming for customers, and they tend to devote their time and money to Zaaviay Eid dresses for girls because of their performance and execution.

Hand Embroidered Suits on Eid ul Fitr 2020 by Zaaviay

Zaaviay Uraan and Arzish series contain various designs that are used for wearing clothes and silk dresses every day. Kashmiri embroidery, phulkari embroidery, chikan embroidery, embroidery or creweling, crochet, the thread is drawn needlework and more are all examples of hand-embroidered dresses and silk dress designs. Any kind of needlework is indicative of exceptional ingenuity and beauty. It's a beautiful craft that requires skills and experience rather than calculating the importance of the individual embroidery. Chikan embroidery, for example, is the term used for using the white thread on needlework fabric.

Hand-embroidery eid ul fitr collection 2020 being still in practice in Pakistan and rest of the world, is creating a great art which has gained attention in today’s fashion industry. The determination at Zaaviay is to preserve the heritage of hand-craftsmanship as an art.

Uraan and Arzish are aimed to lure Pakistani women and meet their desire for silk-made embroidered dress designs. The collection incorporates several models so that it can suit the needs of consumer apparel. Zaaviay is specialized in building a long-term partnership with its clients as it defines the firm's strong beliefs and values in working. The customized customer service offered by Zaaviay offers Pakistani women a positive influence on their preferences and aspirations, with a keen sense of fashion and an eye for design.

Zaaviay’s Premium Pret Collection for Eid 

Zaaviay's Eid and summer collections Uraan and Arzish consist of so many ready to wear dresses. Both collections are made of silk and cotton and are hand-embroidered. A single piece is made with precision and accuracy. All Pakistani fit-for-wear dresses are made by trained and experienced professionals. Every Zaaviay seasonal Collection arrives with new patterns, trends and styles. Uraan and Arzish Pakistani ready to wear dresses are available online for shopping and can be adapted to anyone's style.

These collections have plenty of trendy silk tops for ladies, as well as casual ones. Zaaviay knows the dress is about feeling comfortable and looking good. Zaaviay not only meets its goals but also overcomes them through the versatility of the garments as the stitching complements the high quality of the silk cloth. When making the perfect outfit nothing is charged due to Zaaviay property their customer's satisfaction in saving a couple of bucks.

The high quality of the garments is very constant for a new set, and these collections are no exception to this. Zaaviay stands for the passion, care, and know-how that every outfit is made. They appeal to their customer at a deeper level because they are constantly searching for fresh ideas which their customer would love to wear. Understanding the value of artisan art, consumers expend their money on this line of clothes and maintaining the almost extinct practice of homemade embroidery. ­­­