Screen printing is one of the most popular printing techniques involving the use of customised stencils and forcing coloured inks through a fine mesh in order to create images and color blocks. This technique is widely used within the fashion industry, and for 2019, screen printing will continue to dominate! We have come up with a list of Pakistani Screen Printed Fashion Trends which we’re bound to see in 2019.

Floral Screen Printed Retro Look

Pretty flowers, intricate leaves, and animals are making their way into screen printing to create a softer look. Floral screen prints can incorporate this year’s bold color palette as well, providing a wide scope of playing around with prints, colors and cuts.

Geometric Designs

As with 2019 substrates as well as colors, screen printing concepts form the 1990s are seen emerging in 2019 as well. The 1990s inspired screen print designs feature geometric designs with several different shapes and line styles which often overlap. To maximize this effect, one can mix diverse shapes and colors.

Forest Digital Print

The net option which you could go for is the forest digital print. This print is the epitome of comfort and presents a relaxed look, due to the imagery of greenery and forests. This print is perfect for summer outfits when one needs cooler colors.

Simple Line Drawings

In stark contrast to the bold geometric designs, this trend favors simplicity. Screen prints in 2019 are all about creating designs using simple lines. For images, outlines which look almost like hand sketches are extremely popular.

Shaded Screen Print

The shaded screen print shirts are going to be one of the best options for a casual gathering. The perfect harmony of colors which is a result of shaded screen print makes it the best kind to use on shirts, pants ad even bags.