The latest Fashion Women’s Trends in 2020 are now available at Zaaviay stores. Zaaviay is the name of Quality, which deals in different fashion categories. We know that fashion is everchanging and always brings something new to everyone. People are interested in the newest way; however, women in this regard have a particular interest in manner. Pakistani people have strong cultural traditions that mainly respond to the latest trends. Clothing always plays a vital role in our emotions and status. Whenever you visit any shopping mall or store, the clothing’s styles are always appealing and attractive.

We introduce our latest complete collection for women and target their every occasion. Another vital aspect of the latest fashion is vibrant and eye-catching colors. There is a very high competition between various brands working in the fashion industry. They have to fill the stores and they often miss the quality or style to complete the race.  We always work for our customers; we have an utterly gorgeous and new collection of latest fashion clothes. This trendy collection not only has the ability to upgrade your appearance but also make you feel more confident.

Top Six Summer Fashion Trends to buy in Pakistan

Summer collections mostly contain light and cool colors, which give a cooling effect to eyesight like blue, white, light pink, and lemon colors. Is it cool to wear trendy dresses for wedding ceremonies too? The answer will be yes because summer weather doesn’t affect Pakistani weddings at all. So, let’s dig in and explore what’s trending in these days

1. Shalwar Kameez

Most Pakistani females are obsessed with shalwar kameez. It will keep you cozy enough at every function and our last collection (Arzish Vol 2) is designed to make you feel comfortable in this hot weather.

2. Dupattas

Nowadays, dupattas in style have become an integral part of every dress. Soft colored chiffon dupattas are mostly preferable. Dupattas offer you a brilliant look with summer lawn or silk dresses; however, its stuff is slightly warm, but we have the best quality of ever. With this latest dupatta, you feel fresh and stylish on your occasion.

3. Silk Dresses

Nothing would do better than light and airy silk dresses in this hot summer, and girls love to look fashionable at the whole party, no one is more concerned about your style than us.


4. Different Styles Of Pants

Pakistani women prefer both traditional and modern look by mixing eastern and western styles. Therefore, pants are now highly hit summer 2020 fashion trends.

  • Cigarette Pants:

If anyone wants to look more fashionable, don’t give even a single look at another pair of trouser styles, wear cigarette pants with short shirts and go to your friend’s birthday party highly suitable with high heels.

  • Maysuri Pants:

Different stylish maysuri pants are now available at Zaaviay.

  • Banarsi Trousers:

As style changes with the passage of time but banarsi trousers are always in trend in the fashion industry.

5. Footwears

  • Plane chapel:

It is said that if you want to know anyone’s personality, give a glance at their footwear. A simple plane chapel makes you more relaxed, restful, and yet stylish.

  • Khusa:

Khusa can be worn with long dresses like long Kurtis and with tights. Multani Khusa is the most popular Khussa wear in Pakistan.

  • High heels:

If you want to look bossy, wear high heels, high heels are the most formal and stylish footwear.

Also, Zaaviay has the most beautiful collections of footwear for women.

6. Splendor bridal wear

Zaaviya is not only offering informal dresses but also providing Pakistani bridal dresses as well. A wedding day is a unique event in everyone’s life, so if you want to make your special day more special then look for us.