It is officially time to start planning out your spring and summer looks for 2019, and there is one sure way to make any wallflower bloom: a bold print! If we were to pick one trend which screams summer, it is bound to be floral. This summer, flamboyant and colorful retro prints have collided head-on with dainty rose patterns for a season where anything goes as long as it is budding.

Whether you want to make a splash or just revolutionize your current fashion style, there is simply no reason why you should leave those floral pants (or dress, or blouse, or handbag) on the rack. Put simply, there is a little bit of floral fashion for everyone, so why not embrace the floral trend!

Let us help you out with some tips on how to make the most of the greenhouse effect which fashion has been treated to this summer.

Abstract Floral along With Vines on Rayon

The rayon fabric with its natural fall and flow screen printed with abstract floral designs such as painted roses, blooming flowers, paper cut flowers, sun like buds and creepers can be used to shape into knee length dresses, straight kurtis, skirts, and palazzos for all those looking for a contemporary twist on florals.

Muted and Minimal Floral Prints on Muslin  

Muted and minimalistic floral designs on a loosely plain woven muslin is going to offer you good durability as well as a soft texture which has a natural and subtle shine to it. Fashioned into knee length shirts and paired with plain shalwars or trousers, even jeans, can be perfect for casual outings on summer evenings.

Modern Pastel Florals on Chiffon or Crepe

Using a contemporary and chic color palette to digitally print floral designs on fabrics like chiffon and crepe are deemed perfect for summer wears. These designs can reflect real life flora, printed in abstract dual tones for a refreshing yet highly classy look on a bright sunny day!

Let us know which floral trend you will be following this summer, because our wardrobes are definitely going to be a lot more flowery this time!