Pakistani clothing is a fashion world on its own. Every year we witness changes in the fashion industry, with so many changes it can be very hard to keep up with the trends. Men and women both find it difficult to keep but types of clothing for women have a broader range compared to men. Pakistani clothing for women is very complex and filled with variety. Each component of a Pakistani dress can be different.

The design of the dress can vary from woman to woman as everyone has a different acquired taste. The design of a dress can also vary from designer to designer as each designer has their signature style. This variety of clothing can result in several different outfit ideas if one applies creativity to their outfits. This article will provide some ideas on how to evolve your creative thinking while making an outfit. Different types of Pakistani clothing and their variations will be listed which will add to your ideas to create outfits.

It is important to know the different styles that are trending nowadays to truly make an outfit that is trendy and in fashion. Without the knowledge of different types of Pakistani clothing, it will be difficult to make outfits, this doesn’t mean the outfit that you make would be unpleasing to look at but they just won’t be related to fashions that are going on in the fashion industry.

Types of clothing from head to toe for women

Pakistani KurtaShirts

Kurtas are a part of the national Pakistani dress. These are mostly a loose collarless shirt that is long. These may be plain or they may be hand-embroidered. Kurta for women comes in all colors and sizes. The color of these can vary from person to person. Seasons of the year can also help to determine the color of the kurtas in fashion.

The design of these shirts can be different by making the neckline a different style or the fabric used in some areas can be a different type. Pakistani designer suits usually consist of a kurta, shalwar or pajama, and a dupatta. All of these three components are the main part of a Pakistani dress.

Shalwar or Pajamas

A Hand embroidery dress is incomplete without a shalwar or pajama. Shalwar is a light, moveable pants that are usually tighter from the ankles whereas pajamas are skinnier and less baggy. These can be made from a different type of fabric ranging from stiff to stretchy. Each fabric gives a different look to the pants and has a big impact on the overall outfit. Like the kurta, shalwar and pajamas can both have different prints and embroideries.

These prints and embroideries are usually done on the ankle side or the whole clothing itself.


This piece of clothing is what sets Pakistani clothing apart from most other types of clothing. The dupatta holds a lot of value to women of Pakistan and the history and culture are expressed through the art of hand-embroidery on these dupattas. This is a type of long rectangular clothing used to cover the head, chest, and shoulders.

The intricate design and different styles to wear the dupatta can help create different styles with similar-looking suits. This gives the person owning the suit to add their uniqueness to the suit. Some women prefer to wear it in a hijab style whereas some like to different folds to the dupatta to flaunt the art on it. Different types of clothes with pictures can help you decide your unique style and what defines you.

Pakistani Shoes

The world of Pakistani shoes is vast, especially for women. Shoes and dresses go hand in hand. Most women spend their time matching shoes to their outfits and it’s easy to see why it’s so hard to do so. With so many types of shoes available for women, it can be easy to lose yourself in the possibilities. Each shoe has its personality and whether or not that personality suits you can only be decided through proper research. Pakistani shoes have various kinds like heels, sandals, flip-flops, sliders, etc.

You may have noticed the list of top clothing in summer 2020 would consist of some sort of these shoes listed above. This goes to show how important these are to execute the perfect and trendiest outfit.


Since the beginning of the human race has been known to collect beautiful looking gems and metals. Owning jewelry reflects human nature to show of wealth and beauty. In Pakistan jewelry holds an even deeper meaning for women. A Pakistani embroidery dress and jewelry are like bread and butter.

Jewelry makes a woman even more valuable and displays her like the jewelry itself. Rings, earing, nose rings and necklaces are all types of jewelry and these can have different stones embedded in them to give them more grace and value.