Zaaviay is known as the most affordable Bridal Couture brand among its competitors. They have a huge variety of Bridal Dresses that are infused with modern contemporary cuts with the traditional touch, perfect to be endorsed for an eastern bride. Zaaviay's Bridal Wedding Suits are famous for their colorful hues with tints of different accent colors which makes the Bridal Dresses the statement pieces amongst all other bridal brands.

Recently, Zaaviay showcased its Pakistani Bridal Dresses Collection in FPW, they have accessible affordable luxurious bridal handcrafted outfits with their signature intricate hand embroidery and making the perfect balance of colors and gold embroidery among the collection of 10 dresses. The brand was praised for their color synchronization and their inspiration of showing the real bridal looks on the runways with the touch of modernity within the styling. Their collection Zehnaseeb narrates the tale of the eastern bride as the inspiration is of showcasing the traditional Bridal Pakistani Wedding Dresses so that the people across the country would recognize the brand for its traditional roots.

Pakistani Women Wedding Suits are hard to find because the competition is tough and it gets difficult for a bride to choose amongst many bridal designer brands. As a bride, she compares the cuts, colors, quality and pricing and then makes a decision. As fashion blogger, we also compare design aesthetics, color combinations, the composition and the in-lays of the pattern which a brand is offering, after thorough surveys, we always suggest our readers to buy from the chosen brands. As an affordable luxury brand, Zaaviay not only provides the best Pakistani but also enables the customers to get customisation and helps its customers to look confident and beautiful on their special occasion.

Zaaviay came into existence 2 years back and in such a time frame, this Pakistani Bridal Couture brand has made a remarkable place in the industry with the intricate and delicate hand embroidery featuring their signature style of gota, kora and dabka which is beyond the perfection of delicacy. Many satisfactory brides have given beautiful remarks and reviews of being able to customised their dress according to their own preferences and how they were looking gorgeous and traditional in Zaaviay’s Pakistani Bridal Suits. This Pakistani Bridal Couture brand has a huge variety of Pakistani Bridal Suits for mehndi, shaadi and reception, as well as a large collection for the bridesmaid and relatives which is a complete package for a bride and bride's family & friends.

Pakistani Women Wedding Suits are not easily accessible online in such budgets as bridals are intricately handcrafted, but Zaaviay is not only giving the amazing quotation of prices but it is also giving the accessibility to buy the best Pakistani Women Wedding Suits.

Following are the Pakistani Bridal Dresses pictures which narrates the detailing and the modernity in a Pakistani Bridal Suits and showcased at FPW:.

"Mah-e-Noor" Pakistani Bridal Dress is inspired by the Mughal art, the intricate hand embellishments and embroidery exhibit the beautiful hand craftsmanship, it is a net fabric lehenga choli with cancan beneath, giving it a luxurious feel to the bridal suit.

"Jashn " is a long trailed heavily embellished bridal wear, perfect for a traditional yet modern bride, this bridal outfit gives the fusion inspirational values, which can be fit for any bride, it's beautifully handcrafted with cutwork and heavily infused of Korra, Dabka, Sequins and Nakshi makes this piece eternal.

This "Jahan Ara" Pakistani Bridal Dresses is a masterpiece because of the color combination, pink and red are beautiful on their own but once they are combined together it can also be tricky, however, the way it has been infused together and the way gold and copper embroidery is complementing the whole look is so mesmerising. This creation of Zaaviay is an example of a modern Pakistani Bridal Dresses with the roots of its tradition and culture.