Anna Wintour once said: “You either know fashion or you don’t.” So, which kind are you? Well if you are reading through this article then you might have a passion for fashion. It feels like winter came faster than ever this year, why does time fly so fast when you are scrolling through your favorite fashion magazine? Oh well, winter means a wardrobe makeover! When it comes to Pakistani dresses, there are so many different types of dresses to choose from. Just thinking about it can drive any woman crazy. Worry not my fellow fashion lovers, Zaaviay has got you covered.

In Pakistan when winter comes around the cold weather is not the only worry we have, with the winter season; comes the wedding season, and shopping Pakistani Wedding Dresses is a must. So many events, so many functions and even more dresses to choose from.

With our brand, you can choose your favorite dress without worrying about quality and style because they provide the best-quality dresses that are fashionable and trendy. They specialize in creating the most breathtaking hand-embroidered dresses that turn head everywhere you wear them.

Moreover, they provide all their suits and other accessories online so you can buy the best dress without going outside because they know how hard it is to go outside in these dire times. This article aims to enlighten you with the art of this brand and the masterpieces they create for you including Ready To Wear Clothing.

Best Ready to Wear Winter Dresses 2020 by Zaaviay


Nightingale ready to wear suit

“One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress,” said Karl Lagerfeld. 'Nightingale' is an elegant lawn of cotton with an artsy lace decoration at the border of a flare of sleeves with black neckline buttons. Pair this in a different segment with our black organza scallops. This All-Black outfit reflects the beauty of the night which shows how easy it is to look good while wearing a black suit.

Deep Sea

Deep Sea ready to wear dress

We should always dress our finest so even if we meet the people who despise us they can’t resist our charms. The Deep Sea Shirt in navy blue is the father of all-occasion dresses as it is made from khadi net which is simple but classy with screen printing. The final look is lined with lace to give the shirt a balanced and finished look. This suit is your best partner in crime to kill people with your looks.

Snow Flake

Snow Flake ready to wear suit

Snow Flake has a white, gorgeous white cotton lawn with a kalidar lace detailing in front of the neckline with a slash on the panels, the sleeves, and the daman. The overall white makes you look peaceful like a dove but as majestic as an Arctic fox. This suit can be paired with our white churidar cotton pajama and the white dupatta khaadi nets from each segment to makes this one of the best Pakistani Winter Dresses to wear.

Olive Bloom

Olive Bloom ready to wear suit

Get this elegantly stitched green khaadi net kurta in an Olive green color. Decorated at the neckline with detailed thread and pockets, makes you look cooler than the winter’s cold winds. For cities in Pakistan that don’t get harsh winters, this is the perfect outfit as it's light and comfy to wear but if some nights get chilly, a warm shawl is your best friend.

Gold Stone

Gold Stone ready to wear suit

Are your favorite cousins' or loved ones' weddings right around the corner and you have nothing to wear? Are you tired of going from one shop to another looking for Dresses to wear to a Wedding? Then worry not, this classical Angarkha Beige screen print is featured in a cotton lawn which is ornamented and decorated with lace and doria. You can pair it with a beautiful screen print khaadi and white chooridar net dupatta to show everyone you are a fashion diva.

Vanilla Beans

Vanilla Beans ready to wear suit

No… we aren’t talking about cakes but this amazing Vanilla Beans Dress is the perfect combination of black and white. Say goodbye to old black and white check designs because this screen printed lawn suit is makes you look nothing less than a queen. Floral designs keep it fresh and the beautiful lace combines it all to make it one of the cold weather outfits for your wardrobe. Pair this with our black screen printed izaar to give your fashion statement.        

Black Berries

Black Berries ready to wear suit

Black Berries are in season, no we aren’t talking about the fruit but we are talking about this jaw-dropping suit. Black Berries is a sophisticated black cotton lawn shirt with a screen print and flower motifs, sophisticated white and black dori with fringing lace, which complete the entire look of this t-shirt. The sleeves are a mix of floral screen print and a front and back lace, which gives them a contemporary appearance.

So what are you waiting for? Choose your Ready To Wear Dresses from Zaaviay’s very own website, but be aware once you start shopping you might not be able to stop.